Why Clean Tickets?

Any talented person, who periodically makes text,photos, or recordings that people appreciate, has something to be proud of. And, we believe, a potential for monetary reward.

The Clean Ticket Company is a new way of monetizing the Internet. Customers get no more than what they want, immediately, and with no complications. Each item for sale has its own number and preview (the Ticket Window). A simple click acquires the content, which downloads into a new browser tab, and can also be recalled with the Ticket Report.

The publisher sets the price (from two cents, or free), retains all rights, and receives ninety percent of sales. Ticket Windows have a fixed weekly charge, but the Clean Ticket Company processes the credit card and pays its fee.

Our ticket is like a gift card, and it works at any participating publication. The bother of remembering a username and password is done away with. Ticket holders remain anonymous, and they only have to log in once.

People enjoy spending money -- if it's something they really want or need. Using Clean Tickets, some readers will value the foreign language. Some readers like having a printout to clip and save. Others, the audio narration. And customers will like being able to save your content for later, when they’ve time for it.

And as for waiters and waitresses, or hired drivers, the public is happy to spend a little something extra for the benefit they have received. Clean Tickets have the ability to accept gratuities for particular content items.

Paid tickets are a tool that makes specialization feasible. When the “lowest common denominator” was all we had to work with, it was hard to make our publications stand out. But a modest price will be happily paid by customers who have a ticket in hand, and know what they want.

Original content has always had an inherent monetary value. Now you have a way to discover what it is. And even with a price less than anything else in the whole economy! Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing, at long last, what the customer really wants.


The products described below are under development, and we cannot at present accept your money or sign-ups for them. But thanks for visiting, and if you would like to leave a comment, a text box is provided, (here, to the right).

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--Tom Small, May 10 2022

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